January 22, 2019Specialty Equine Therapy

How Does it Work? 
The PEMF device creates a series of safe, gentle magnetic pulses that travel through the 12’ copper coil through to the loop. As it’s placed on or over the body, you will hear a soft clicking sound as the electro-magnetic field pulses ON and OFF. While the magnetic field is pulsed ON, the electrons are ‘excited’ and the cells expand and become ‘exercised’. The electrically charged cell membrane is gently pulled by the pulsation and the cell is ‘recharged’. When the pulse is OFF, the cells relax and it’s through this profoundly beneficial cellular exercise that the cells can recharge themselves, rehabilitation can occur and they can return to optimal health. While this cellular ‘exercise’ helps to increase blood flow to the area, it also increases the permeability of the cell wall. Thus, nutrients and oxygen are readily absorbed and proteins are more efficiently metabolized for use within the cell and surrounding tissues. Also, damaging toxins and cellular waste can exit the cell more efficiently through the lymphatic (detox) system, resulting in pain and inflammation reduction and an improvement in the overall healing capabilities.

What makes our device special? 
Designed for the equine client, our EquiPulse PEMF machine can deliver the pulses at a deeper level. Up to 16" in fact, which can easily penetrate the denser parts of a horse's body. While the therapy is similar to magnetic blankets, the difference is in the delivery method and the ability to focus the coil with the right level of power to the specific area that needs it.

Over 2000 double blind medical studies have documented the neurological, physiological and psychological positive effects of PEMF. Repeatedly, it’s shown an improvement in tissue repairs in far less time with no adverse reactions. Animals often have amazing results and have shown a greater response than humans as their metabolic rate is higher. PEMF treatment can actually detect imbalances and possible sources of pain. Throughout the world, there are ongoing studies showing the positive effects of PEMF therapy on a vast array of health conditions; including, but not limited to insomnia, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia and even depression and anxiety disorders.

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